WYWH Postcard: GTA V Tripping

Wish you were here (WYWH)...


GTA V is a troubled work of genius. Never has a digital world been so broad, inventive and authentic a replication of contemporary American society and culture. True it may hit some foul notes with its tongue in cheek bleakness, but it is almost always interesting, forever driving the player to think aloud 'how in God's name did they make all of this'. 

Of all the memorable moments in GTA V I have experienced so far, Michael's acid trip free-fall through the Los Santos night sky, to C90s 'Shine a Light' (Flight Facilities Remix) has to be the most joyously, what-the-fuck, jaw-dropping. 

If you haven't played this scene, well, you are missing out. If you have, then I know you can dig it brother.

Either way, witness the build up and detonation here, things start taking off around five minutes in.