WYWH Postcard: Super Mario Bros. 2

Wish you were here (WYWH)...

Don't get me wrong I was excited when I first played Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Sonic etc. But none of them quite stirred my tummy and widened my eyes like Super Mario Bros. 2.

You can choose your character? You don't have to be Mario? You pick up and throw enemies? There aren't any blocks to smash with your head?

Thoughts like this, and hundreds more, rattled in my brain whilst I hurdled through the air with Luigi's gravity defying jumps.  

And it looked beautiful - cartoony sprites with discernible features and limbs set against colourful exotic backdrops. 

Of course I, like 99% of Western players at the time, didn't know that Super Mario Bros. 2 was effectively a re-skin of the already popular Japanese platformer Doki Doki Panic (the original Japanese commercial is essential viewing). To eight-year-old me, it was an unpredictable, unexpected, thrilling new adventure.

And because it was, and has since remained, so markedly different a Super Mario Bros game, it is my most favourite 2D title in the series. 

Yep, I like it more than Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.

 (But its-a-meeee-Mario64 is still the tops)

Excellent playthrough video here